nellions FAQs - Nellions Moving & Relocations


1. What is the best time to move?

ANS: Generally, people move when they are ready or when they need to. However, we like to advise clients to avoid moving at the end of the month if they can and do the moving somewhere in the middle of the month. This is because at the end month all good moving companies have their resources very stretched.
ANS: Avoiding last minute panic is always the best way. When moving within the Kenya reach out to the movers at least 2 weeks before the move date. For international move, it is best you contact movers at least 6 weeks before the planned move date. Moving across border to Uganda, Tanzania or Rwanda three weeks' notice is good
ANS: Move duration depends on the nature of the specific move. Is it a local move or an international one, what is the volume and nature of your goods, what about access to the house, etc . A good moving company should advise you the move duration as part of their proposal and explain how it is arrived at.
ANS: The biggest determinants of move costs are volume of the goods and distance. Different moving companies use different formulas to calculate the charges. Other cost determinants are packing requirements, access to the facilities, etc. For international removals the cost regime in the destination and origin countries, as well as freight costs play a very major role. It is always easy to get a break down of the cost from a good moving company
ANS: Ideally, no one should ever loose their items when moving. However, such things do happen in real life. The best protection is in the first place to procure services only from a reputable removals company. One that engages professionalism it's work and understands that it's first duty is to protect the interest get to know where their office is situated and check if they accept responsibility when things go south. Such a company will most likely have insurance covers for professional liability. However, it is always advisable to take a personal Good In Transit or Marine Insurance cover for your goods. This will help in case of accidents.
ANS: Some companies call them relocation specialists, others call them surveyors and some (like Nellions) call them Move Consultants. Their work is to assess all aspects of your move, give you the relevant advise and based on your unique requirements give you a customized quote. Think of them like when you visit a doctor, you tell her what you are feeling, she examines you and gives prescription plus a bill to pay
ANS: Different moving organizations have different payment methods just like in any other sector. These are cheques, cash, credit cards and MPESA in Kenya. Terms of payment should always be agreed with the removal company prior to job execution.
ANS: These are very personal, sentimental and sometimes expensive items. Take care them personally. Professional moving companies would still handle them for you very well but your peace of mind is important. The same case applies to other items like, academic papers, documents of title and miniature electronic gadgets.
ANS: When a Move consultant comes to your house it is important you discuss this issue and let him give you advice based on your situation.
ANS: Three is a good number. However remember that the cheapest is not always the best. Seek for a full proposal and compare other aspects like work methodology, references from people who used them, level of openness, staff experience, etc
ANS: -For moving within the same country, we always recommend you carry the pets on your own. In some countries (Kenya is not one of them) there are companies that specialize is handling and transporting pets internally if the owners can't. When relocating internationally, you will always have to engage an agent due to customs requirements and the rules that govern such business that vary from country to country.
ANS: Yes it is normal for some movers to ask upfront payment. In countries where there is proper regulation of the moving industry (through legislation or associations) this is ok. In countries like Kenya where there is no regulation at all one needs to be 100% sure before making 100% upfront payment to a mover. Sometimes, when a moving company insists on 100% payment upfront very strongly ,it could be a sign of bad things to come.
ANS: A fridge is always moved empty. And even the racks inside are either collapsed or held firmly to ensure there is no play. We recommend that all the food in the fridge is cleared before move day. If this is not possible and for short distance moves, the food stuffs can be moved in cooler boxes. This can however not be done for such items like meat, meat products, and fish.
ANS: Most professional movers will provide ward robe boxes. They come in two types, the hanging type and the sleeping (laid) type. Both are effective but handling of the clothes in and out of these boxes is the most crucial part. At Nellions our movers are given house - keeping training in order to perfect this very sensitive act. This is about both neatness and hygiene.
ANS: This depends on the business model adopted by the service provider you choose. Some companies have their sales team escort the movers and some don’t. You need to get clarity ahead of the move in order to manage your own expectation. Either way, if choose a good company your move will still be okay
ANS: May children enjoy moving. It looks like another expedition, it’s exciting and they like to participate. So long us they under control and guidance of an adult, they will be okay. It is however, important to find a way of keeping them busy. A good way is to ask them pack their personal items.
ANS: If you ask any sales person, the answer will always be YES. One of the challenges with in the moving industry in unregulated market like Kenya is that there are no official qualifications for movers. Some companies do have their own internal training programs while some have no such programs at all. Movers learn by observing. In our company we have the Nellions Academy which is the only one of it’s kind
ANS: Most of the time, yes we mount the TV dish on the moving day and if not this is always agreed with the client in advance.
ANS: Move duration varies depending on very many factors. This is one the things that the Move Executives or Move Consultants MUST explain to you prior to choosing the company to use.
ANS: Why not? One f the challenges, though, is that many clients need time to think where to mount the pictures, paintings and frames. When clients need our expert advice on where to hang them we always do.
ANS: Yes, we do mount Free to Air television dishes
ANS: As always recommended, we move fridges in a standing position. We use fridge carriers made of microfiber mover blanket materials to enhance safety. For international moves we most of the time crate them same thing we do with cookers.
ANS: We ensure maximum protection of your furniture by using mover blankets for local moves. For international removals we always wrap them with corrugated paper or bubble wrap.
ANS: We like to smile even when doing a tough job and under pressure!
ANS: : Nellions has almost a dozen different insurance covers for different reasons. These include professional liability, public liability, all risk, fidelity, etc. However, we k now that the best insurance is to engage, train and retain reliable employees. No one needs to make an insurance claim
ANS: Prior packing or pre-packing is service we offer to ease the work burden on move day depending on the circumstances. It’s free of charge