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Are you mad?

Have you been to a mental hospital? This question can easily be misunderstood to allude to: “are you mad?”. Kenya’s largest mental hospital is Mathari hospital. It is unfortunate that the term ‘Mathari’ has been casually adopted by some....

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Fake Movers in Kenya

Fake Movers in Kenya Have you been on blind dates before? Especially the online hookups. How was the experience? Did the person on the profile pic show up or you got played? Point is, this is a generation with...

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Container Railage Delays in Kenya

Since 2006, the Rift Valley Railways (RVR) has been managing the Kenya-Uganda railway line. However, the contract was terminated in July 2017 by Kenya Railways. The management of the railway line reverted to the Kenya Railways (KR). The outcomes...

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Benefits of Pre-Move Survey

Benefits of Pre-Move Survey It takes a high degree of expertise to assess and prepare the specialized packing materials, casing and transport to ensure a seamless move. Pre-move surveys are essential in implementing a hassle-free move. The benefits are:...

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Strangers and Intimate Spaces

Strangers and intimate spaces In most homes, it is an unwritten taboo for visitors to access certain spaces in your home. In fact, they are usually restricted to the living and dining rooms, kitchen if one is lucky. Well,...

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