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Benefits of Pre-Move Survey

Benefits of Pre-Move Survey It takes a high degree of expertise to assess and prepare the specialized packing materials, casing and transport to ensure a seamless move. Pre-move surveys are essential in implementing a hassle-free move. The benefits are:...

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Strangers and Intimate Spaces

Strangers and intimate spaces In most homes, it is an unwritten taboo for visitors to access certain spaces in your home. In fact, they are usually restricted to the living and dining rooms, kitchen if one is lucky. Well,...

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Most Affordable Moving Company

Which is the most affordable moving company in Kenya? Heck, in East Africa? Many people perceive moving companies as expensive. In fact, majority would rather engage ‘Ask for Transport’ guys rather than..

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Moving Day Challenges- Bad Weather

Bad Weather Wow, it rained this morning in Nairobi! One wonders why the excitement. Nairobians (I know you got my back on this), appreciate where we are coming from.  We have had to endure grueling high temperatures in the...

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Destination residence challenges

Just a quick recap, last week we delved into the challenge of not clearing with the management at your current residence. This week, we explore challenges that might be encountered at your destination residence. They might look trivial, but...

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