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Nellions Academy

A real professional mover should have more than 70 different types of skills to enable them execute the job smoothly. Unfortunately, there is no training school for movers and packers.

This is why the Nellions Academy was initiated. The aim is to teach the necessary skills to those interested in making a career in moving and at the same time, assist those already within the profession to continue upgrading and sharpening their skills.


We have a documented curriculum with theory and practical lessons. Topics covered are very diverse and help prepare the trainees in all aspects that they typically come across in the field. The program is tailored to focus on all round client satisfaction. This is why we teach hard skills like wrapping fragile items, wrapping pianos, pacing gall tables, recognizing obstacles, housekeeping techniques, dissembling/assembling of furniture, etc. We also teach soft skills like listening to clients, problem solving, customer service etc.

Our very own tutors who are champions in various fields teach most of these topics. Successful trainees are issued with certificates after formal evaluation through examinations is done. Part of the evaluation is undertaking a medical examination.Not everyone succeeds. Some trainees are sometimes dropped off or they quit on their own. This happens when they discover that packing and moving is not their calling.

All employees are obliged to attend certain number of hours of training per month at the Nellions Academy. It is one way of making sure that everyone is making improvement and that every Nellion has a mover’s DNA.

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