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You can make use of the furniture move service whether you are moving within the house or to an external destination. We also provide specialized services including: Moving pianos,antiques and fine art.

Sometimes, you may be looking to declutter the house. You can make use of this service if you only want to move specific items in your premises. For these moves, we still provide packing materials and experienced movers. Take advantage of our partial moves services, whether you are looking to move your items within the house or to an external destination.

Apart from the furniture move service, we also offer specialized services including:

  • Moving pianos
  •  Antiques relocation
  • Moving fine art

If you have no use for some of your furniture or other items as you move to your new house or office, Nellions will help you find buyers for these items. If you are Interested, leave us your contact details, we will be in touch with you.

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