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For the office move service, we bring skill. Out of many years of experience, we know all the challenges and offer moving advisory to companies to help them with planning and move execution. With our involvement, the disruption may never happen and service is available all over Kenya.

Office Move Service Features

Office relocation is no small thing. Some equate it to business disruption. Give us the chance to be part of the exciting moment and help your business go through the move seamlessly. With our Office Move service, we move all types of offices including government institutions, NGOs, educational institutions, banks, factories, law firms, the hospitality industry, retail stores and libraries. The service entails:

  • Free pre- move survey
  • Pre-move planning and move advisory
  • Provision of labour and all packing materials
  • Transport and labour
  • Unpacking and setting up
  • Post move visit.

It does not matter whether it is a big or small office, the moving office is Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu or Nakuru, if the move will happen during the day or night (we really enjoy the night ones) or weekend, Nellions will always be there with the staff, equipment and a smile!

Tip: Pre-move planning more crucial than actual moving. Always involve a moving company at this stage.

If you have no use for some of your furniture or other items as you move to your new house or office, Nellions will help you find buyers for these items. If you are Interested, leave us your contact details, we will be in touch with you.

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