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You may have heard of the self move as the Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y) move. The self move gives you an opportunity to engage professional movers in your relocation process while still being able to save. This is the best for people planning to move on a budget.

Self move is an alternative to full service moving and is designed to offer clients flexibility and save money.  At Nellions Moving and Relocations, we are the pioneers of this service in Kenya.

This is what we offer with the D-I-Y aka self move:
  1. If you have the time and packing knowledge needed to pack a whole house we will let you do it. You will buy packing boxes from any moving company (including Nellions Moving & Relocations) or from a store. On the move day, we will provide a covered moving truck. We also provide a team of movers to help you carry the goods. The team will bring along furniture protection equipment in form of mover blankets, fridge carriers and sofa wrappers. Once the goods reach the destination house, our team will place them in the right rooms as directed and leave you doing the unpacking.
  2. For small moves (one bedroom, studios, etc), we have an option where we position a dolly/trailer at your doorstep in advance. We leave it there overnight for you to pack your goods and load them into the dolly. As part of the package we provide mover blankets for furniture protection. We come later (as agreed) to pull the dolly and take to your goods to your new home. In case you need our hand in carrying some of the heavy goods or furniture assembly, we provide one mover to help you along. This option is very popular with young people who are on budget, have time to do the packing and want to move professionally and with style.

If you have no use for some of your furniture or other items as you move to your new house or office, Nellions will help you find buyers for these items. If you are Interested, leave us your contact details, we will be in touch with you.

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