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We offer professional and premium furniture installation service for new homes, new offices and hospitality facilities like hotels & lodges.

We perform functions of receiving, packing, transporting, on site delivery, assembling, installation, configuration and setting up of the furniture as may be required. Our in-house furniture installation technicians and carpenters are trained and experienced, hence are well equipped for assembling and configuring all types of furniture. This is what they do on a daily basis even during normal house moving or office removals. The technicians are thus well versed with fixing and setting up furniture systems from local and international manufacturers.

  • New Furniture Installation & Assembly for direct importers

Our clients (individuals, offices or hotels) import furniture directly from Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, China, etc. Persons not accustomed to furniture handling find it hard to assemble the furniture because it arrives flat packed. Even with assembly instructions/ manuals, handling them is a big challenge. The Nellions furniture installation team assembles the furniture arranges it perfectly without damage. We also inform the clients of any defects.

  • Contracted Agency for New furniture Installation

Some furniture manufacturing companies in Kenya and retailers use our services on a contractual basis to deliver, set up and assemble their new furniture in their clients’ homes.  In this regard, we are furniture delivery partners but the main benefit to the clients is the professional touch that our technicians bring in during the furniture assembling and arranging process. These partnerships have served as a platform for our furniture installation technicians to hone their skills. We offer this service to all parts of Kenya and in East Africa.

  • Office Configuration

If you occupy an office with an open plan and wish to change it using your existing furniture, we offer furniture reconfiguration services. The technicians change the office layout, do the space planning following the client’s guidelines while using expertise to ensure that the best working environment is achieved.

Tips on New furniture assembling

  1. Always have the packing list so as to ensure all pieces are there before beginning.
  2. Obtain the house or office plan and use it. This will help you “get it right first time”.
  3. Read the manuals and assembling instructions provided. However, if you are unsure, seek help.
  4. Use the right tools and the right personnel. Most noteworthy, your roadside carpenter may be good at making his own furniture. However, he may probably have never handled new imported furniture.
  5. Do it on room-by-room basis if the house or office is big.
  6. You should never drag furniture on the floor, however heavy it may be. Manufacturers do not design furniture with dragging in mind. Plus, you should not dent on your new furniture.

Get in touch with us on our social media pages or on email and get a quote for all your furniture installation needs. Being a round-the-clock moving company, we are available everyday for any furniture installation inquiries and any furniture installation projects.

If you have no use for some of your furniture or other items as you move to your new house or office, Nellions will help you find buyers for these items. If you are Interested, leave us your contact details, we will be in touch with you.

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